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Keats in Hampstead

"I'm writing to thank you for a memorable experience. Not even the persistent rain could dampen my pleasure in this walk..

The walk was superbly planned and though I've lived in North London for decades and visited Hampstead regularly, I saw places I'd never seen before. We also approached places, such as Holly Mount, in the way that afforded greatest delight.

What made it so special was that, like all good productions, it was so carefully and thoughtfully prepared. This, and your own combined vast knowledge of your subject with an enthusiasm that belied such familiarity and enthused your audience in turn.

The poems you read to us were sensitively chosen and beautifully read , I wouldn't have believed that a whole group of us would stand entranced under the dripping trees, listening to you bringing John Keats back to the streets of Hampstead. More even than a visit to Keats House, this walk has reignited my interest in his poetry"


London's River

Anita's London 's River walk was really memorable.  Her head is chock full of fascinating facts and amusing anecdotes about the centuries-old history of the River Thames.  Although I've lived in or near London for many years, there is so much I didn't know.  She brought the river to life with her enthusiasm and knowledge, and we forgot about the cold!  Strongly recommended!




Islington Rogues and Radicals

" Anita created the Rogues and Radicals walk as a response to my request for a birthday walk for up to 15 people.  She researched aspects that made it especially relevant to those on the walk - a tailor-made walk for a special occasion. She showed us parts of Islington and Clerkenwell that we had never been to before- and certainly didn't know the history of. During the fascinating and well-presented walk, Anita made use of the way it is possible in London to be on a busy main road, then within a few metres to find oneself in a tranquil history-filled square.  The walk ended at one of London's hidden treasures, the crypt of St John of Jerusalem.  This was a really unusual end to our great walk.  I thoroughly recommend the walks led by this always enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable guide."




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